Service Times: Sunday at 11:00 am

What to expect:
As with visiting any new place, visiting a new church for the first time can cause a lot of anxiety: What should I wear? Where do I park? Where do my kids go? What is service going to be like?

We understand the many thoughts that can come from visiting a new church, so we want you to feel completely comfortable when you visit. Below are some frequently asked questions. If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Where should I park?
Immanuel has multiple parking lots surrounding the perimeter. The parking lots are located on the sides of the church and in the rear of the church. They may be used by parking perpendicular to the building or tree rows. We recommend parking on the sides as it provides the shortest and easiest access to the entrance which is located on south side of the church. If you are unable to drive, please contact the church office so that we can arrange a ride for you. 701.538.4688

Where do I go after I arrive?
The entrance to the church is located on the south side of the church and is located closest to the Highway 18. As you enter the church through our main wooden doors, you will walk right up the stairs where you will be greeted by members of Immanuel. First-time visitors will be invited to sign our guestbook and meet our pastor. Ushers will be there to greet you as well. They will help you find a seat and provide you with a bulletin, which contains the order of service and hymn numbers for the day from our hymnal, as well as a list of upcoming events and activities at Immanuel.

Is there handicap accessibility?
Absolutely! We do not want anyone to be excluded from the church service, but rather we want all people to hear God’s message of salvation for them in Jesus Christ. Consequently, our facility is equipped with a lift elevator so everyone may participate in the Divine Service and all our fellowship opportunities.

What can I expect of the church service?
The church service or as it more traditionally called, the Divine Service, occurs every week on Sundays at 9:00 am. The service itself follows the traditional Lutheran liturgical format. Though that may sound a bit confusing at first, and if you have never been to church before it may actually be a bit confusing the first time you attend, the whole service is taken from the Word of God, the Holy Scriptures. The central message of the service is the Gospel message of Christ crucified and risen for the forgiveness of all our sins. In order to better assist you in understanding what to expect when you attend the service and what happens in the service, please check out the following link which will explain not only the different things that happen in the Divine Service but also what they mean. If you need any assistant, please ask us. We are happy to help and want you to feel comfortable.

What can I expect from the sermon?
A sermon is the proclamation of Jesus’ death and resurrection and the application of that message for you as you live your life in this world surrounded and saturated by sin and death. Since there are different readings each week, each sermon is different. Consequently, we cannot tell you specifically how the pastor will proclaim Christ crucified and risen for you from week to week. However, in order to help you get the most out of the weekly sermon check out the following link which will further explain what you will hear as well as guide you in how to listen to a sermon.

What should I wear?
Many of the people at Immanuel dress up in their “Sunday Best” out of reverence, respect, and awe for the work of salvation from sin, death, and the power of the devil that God has done for us in Jesus Christ our Lord.

Yet what you wear to service is a matter of Christian freedom. Some do choose to dress up, while others dress more casually knowing that it is not a matter of how we dress that makes us acceptable in God’s sight, rather it is only a matter of the sacrifice of Christ that makes us acceptable in God’s sight.

Dressing reverently or dressing casually, one thing is for certain, you will be welcomed by the saints/members of Immanuel Lutheran Church in the name of the Lord.

Will I have to give an offering?
Offerings are a matter of faith. Scripture teaches us that our offerings are a response in faith to God for the gifts that he has richly poured out upon us, especially in his son, Jesus Christ, our Lord. Consequently, there is no prescribed offering amount that must be given. Envelopes are provided not only to our members, but also to our visitors if they so desire, so that an individual’s offering amount may remain a private matter, known only to God.

Offerings are used for the further proclamation of the message of Christ crucified and risen for the forgiveness of sins, at Immanuel, in Lidgerwood, and throughout the World.

What else happens on Sunday Morning?
After out Sunday morning service, starting at 10:00 am, Immanuel offers an education hour for our children. Children ages three years old up to the eighth grade can go to Sunday School, where they will hear about God’s Love for them in Jesus Christ.